Beyonce And Michelle Obama FURIOUS After Melania Trump Makes Bold Move

Close friends Beyonce and Michelle Obama are furious today after Melania Trump broke the internet by pulling off something incredible.

Mad World News reported that Melania took a huge risk today when she met the French president while wearing an all-white outfit that was complete with a white wide-brimmed hat. Beyonce and Michelle are both liberal elitist who think they are above Melania, which is why they were fuming when the former First Lady was being compared to them all day by internet users!


“People can’t stop comparing Melania’s hat to Beyoncé’s or her white outfit to Michelle’s #tcot #melaniashat,” tweeted “Jeanie-ology.”

Articles sprung up left and right comparing Melania’s hat to the black hat Beyonce likes to wear, and many acknowledged that the First Lady put the pop star to shame.

“Melania’s hat actually fits and looks classy. Beyoncé looks like she wants to play dress up in mommy’s giant hat. Melania def wins the in the #whitehat,” Twitter user Lavi responded.

Even liberals could not ignore the fact that Melania had just outdone Beyonce.

I can’t believe all the dull, uninformed, unfashionable, unstylish, old-fashioned people criticizing Melania’s hat. I don’t like the Trumps, but Melania looks beautiful. Beyonce? Just because two women wear a chic hat, they’re channeling? Pulleeze! Chanel-ing maybe.”

As for Michelle, she can’t be happy that Melania is outshining her as a First Lady style icon. Melania’s outfit today let the world know that America finally has an elegant and beautiful First Lady again!

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