WATCH: Diamond & Silk Go NUCLEAR On Democrat Lawmaker Who Scolded Them For Earning Money

On Thursday, a race-baiting Democrat lawmaker tried to scold Diamond & Silk for making money online through their support for Donald Trump…and they fired back in the most epic way possible.

She threw the race card right back in his face and took him to the cleaners.

“He [Trump] urged you to monetize your support for him”, began the Democrat lawmaker before quickly being cut off by Diamond.

“He urged us to monetize out platform, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You as an african American, you’re not gonna make us feel guilty because were going to get out here and take advantage of these platforms and monetize just like everybody else does“, she began, clearly heated.

Watch the full exchange below:


“I don’t see you see you walking up to a white person and say ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be monetizing. So why are you as an african american making it seem like theres something wrong with us monetizing our platform!?”, she exclaimed.

“I respect your game,” said the Democrat, reeling from the verbal shellacking he just received.

“This is NOT a game,” fired back Diamond.

Later on in the hearing, Diamond (Lynnette Hardaway) said this:

“Shame on the people who don’t see we’ve been censored. But when the Black Lives Matter people do it, everyone is up in arms! Let me just say this right here. If the shoe was on the other foot and Mark Zuckerberg was a conservative, and we were liberals, all fences and all chains would’ve broke loose, you know it and I know it!”

Here’s another gem from the hearing. Apparently, Rep. Sheila Jackson doesn’t know how a Calendar works:


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