BOOM: Obam.a Just Got Hit With m.assive Lawsuit

A public park advocacy group is suing former President Barack Obama for a “con game,” accusing the former president in court of pulling a “bait and switch” and “illegal land grab.”

According to The Daily Caller, Protect Our Parks, Inc. filed a federal lawsuit on Monday, saying the Obama Presidential Center organizers are illegally trying to grab land to build the former president’s massive center in Chicago, Illinois.


In 2015, the Chicago City Council approved an ordinance allowing a portion of the parkland to be released to the Obama Foundation for the purpose of housing Obama’s official presidential center.

However, Obama began making major changes to the terms after he received the ordinance. Now, Obama is planning to unveil a $500 million personal museum and monument dedicated to — you guess it — himself.

The lawsuit argues public parkland is guarded by law and that a private entity, such as Obama and his foundation, cannot use it for private use. The deal approved by the city leaders thought it was going to be a presidential center.


But, Obama’s gigantic center will feature a museum of the egotistical couple, a test kitchen, an activity-center, basketball court, yoga centers, and many other items that were not agreed to in the 2015 deal.

Obama got the approval, and then arrogantly changed everything without informing the city at all.

The massive center is nothing more than a $500 million project for the Obama’s to glorify themselves.

In the process, they are completely screwing over the city and reneging on the original terms that everyone originally agreed to.

Also, what did Obama accomplish that is worth celebrating?


The center is scheduled to be completed in 2021, but the lawsuit may throw a major curve ball into the construction plans.

A judge ruling in favor of Protect Our Parks could result in a delay in construction and push the completion date back even further.

It could also result in the Obama’s being forced to return to the original agreement, which would mean their entire plan for building a half a billion dollar shrine of themselves would be thwarted.

This lawsuit has the potential to ruin everything for the former president.