David Hogg Gives 5-Point Plan To End School Violence; It Immediately Explodes In His Face

Parkland student turned anti-gun activist David Hogg tweeted out his 5-point plan to end school violence last week, and it didn't take long for it to completely blow up in his face. On Friday, Hogg tweeted

On Friday, Hogg tweeted out his platform and asked his 700,000 followers to weigh in on whether they would support his plan:

Needless to say it backfired badly for Hogg, who once again proved his infantile understanding of federal laws regarding firearms.








The biggest takeaway from Hogg’s latest stunt is that he still doesn’t even have a rudimentary understanding about current laws or how to define certain guns.

For starters, “assault weapon” is a vague, made-up term. What is an assault weapon? Assault rifles like an AR-15 may look like a “weapon of war,” but it does not operate like one. He should also learn the difference between semi-automatic and automatic.

Also, the CDC did an extensive gun violence study for the Obama administration three years ago, which showed as many as 3 million successful self-defense uses of firearms per year.

As many pointed out, there are already stringent background checks in place to purchase a firearm and banning certain magazines won’t do anything.

Magazines and guns don’t load and shoot by themselves; a person chooses what to do with a firearm.

Hogg has been leading rallies, doing interviews, and railing against guns for months, yet he still has no basic understanding of how guns function and the current laws on the books, which ensure everyone goes through a stringent process before purchasing a firearm.

Perhaps he’s too busy lecturing Americans about eroding the Second Amendment than educating himself on an issue he claims to be passionate about.

Hogg’s anti-gun tactics aren’t sitting well with many regular Americans, and his latest stunt completely blew up in his face.

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Source: https://ilovemyfreedom.org/david-hogg-gives-5-point-plan-to-end-school-violence-it-immediately-explodes-in-his-face/