‘I Figured You Would Ask That’; Trump RIPS Rude Reporter Who Interrupts Him

President Donald Trump ripped a rude reporter on Friday morning who continuously interrupted him while he was speaking to the media.

Before boarding Air Force One for a trip to Texas to speak at the National Rifle Association event, Trump took several questions from the media.

The president was asked about the upcoming meetings with North Korea and reports that the regime caved to Trump’s demand to release the three Americans hostages they were holding in a labor camp.

“We’re doing very well with the hostages,” Trump said.

“We’re in constant contact with the leadership,” Trump said before being cut off the first time by a rude reporter. “We are in constant contact with North Korea. We have actually worked out a time and a place which will be announced shortly.”

“Where?!” the reporter again shouted.

“And, very soon – I figured you would ask that question,” Trump fired back, pointing his hand toward the reporter.

Watch below, where his exchange with the reporter begins around the 1:00 mark:



Trump also revealed the U.S. and North Korea have agreed on a date and location for the historic meeting.

Over the course of the past month, North Korea agreed to denuclearize its program and end all missile tests to have the meeting.

This was made possible by the crippling sanctions the U.S. has imposed on the regime for nearly a year.

North Korea also released three American prisoners on Thursday, and they will be staying in a hotel until the Summit. They will presumably come home with the U.S. at that point.

Not only does Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula and completely denuclearizing North Korea, he continues to get major concessions from the regime without the U.S. giving up anything in return.

And, he’s not afraid to clap back at rude reporters who insist on interrupting him while he is trying to speak.

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