Melania Trump is the new Jackie Kennedy: Style, Glamour and Charism.a. Do you agree? Yes or No?

Melania Trump has solidly won the hearts of millions of Conservative women. According to an article in The Daily newspaper, she’s one of the most popular American women in Eastern Europe where many young women see her a s role model and aspire to be like her.

he Polish newspaper mentioned her style, grace and her character; how she has been able to defend her husband every day without complaining. How she was taken away from her quiet life as a private citizen and then thrust into the highly demanding role of First Lady and she has taken it all in her stride without complaining.

The style editor pointed out the stylish outfit she wore at her husband’s inauguration on 20th of January and how it matched with Jackie Kennedy’s iconic blue dress. The cut, the style and colour of the dress is similar.

But also more important was her strong work ethic, how she has become a very good mother to her son and a good Conservative woman to her husband.

A Conservative pundit in Washington says that Melania Trump has managed to bring a level of calmness to the White House and has been entirely supportive of her husband.

You can see how she brings joy to her husband at a time when there is so much criticism and cynicism in America. I can say she has become the dependable rock at the White House and this reflects on the strength and vibrancy that can be seen with the President,” said James Wigan.

“They say behind every powerful man is a very powerful and stable woman and this can be said of Melania,” he added. Also, there have been praises of Melania for her anti-cyber bullying campaign as she is helping to tackle a sensitive subject where many people get bullied online and she is helping to do her bit to stop the anti-social behaviour.

There has also been criticism. Many political pundits have criticised her for not speaking out against Trump’s transgender ban in the military and for not being supportive of the LGBT community.

“It is a shame that Melania Trump is not using her power to help the minority persecuted groups and she is silent about the transgender ban,” said Felix Morgan, a transgender veteran who said he served his country with all his heart and never thought there would come a day when people like him are sidelined.

There were also criticism of Melania when she wore a $50,000 jacket by Dolce& Gabbana with pundits saying that she is simply out of touch and she doesn’t even understand that many people cannot earn that amount in an entire year while working full time.

“Trump is always telling us to buy only American products and his wife goes and buys a $50,000 jacket made in Italy! That is a contradivtion,” said Sylvia Waters, a fashion journalist.

Do you agree that Melania Trump is the new Jackie Kennedy and brings back high fashion, class and glamour into American politics? Yes or No?