WATCH: Trump Recognizes Army Lieutenant General In Crowd; What He Did Next Speaks Volumes

While speaking at the United States Military Academy at West Point on Tuesday, President Donald Trump was thanking the brave men and women in uniform for making the ultimate sacrifice to protect our nation.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Trump began by thanking the superintendent of the military school. But when he turned around to look at the cadets standing behind him, he noticed the man happened to be standing right behind him.

“Special thanks to West Point Superintendent, Lieutenant General Bob Caslen. Where’s Bob? Where’s Bob?” Trump said.

When he turned around, he saw West Point Superintendent and Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen.

In classic Trump fashion, he went off script, shook his hand, and thanked him for doing a great job for the nation.

“How do you like it Bob? Bob Caslen, you know, you remember our meeting, right? But I’m glad you did what you did, and you have done a fantastic job. I made the right choice with you,” Trump said.

“General, you’re a great leader at a legendary institution that has been a source of pride and strength for our country for more than two centuries,” Trump added.

Watch below, where Trump thanks Lt. Caslen around the 1:10 mark in the video:

Trump and Lt. Caslen have been close for many years. Trump was strongly considering appointing him to be his White House national security adviser when he first took office.

But the establishment eventually talked Trump into picking H.R. McMaster, who is no longer working for the administration.

But more importantly, Trump’s actions speak volumes.

Rather than simply continuing with his speech, he instinctively shook Lt. Caslen’s hand, thanked him for his service, and told the crowd that he was a fantastic man who has been doing a great job.

You can’t script that. Trump had no idea he was standing behind him. And his decision to praise a hero in uniform is why so many Americans are proud that Trump’s our commander-in-chief.




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