YUGE: Mueller Reaches Indictment Decision On President Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly informed President Donald Trump's legal team that they cannot indict the president. According to Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, who serves on Trump's legal team, said Mueller's office informed the White House that they

According to Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, who serves on Trump’s legal team, said Mueller’s office informed the White House that they will not bring any charges against Trump.

“All they get to do is write a report,” Giuliani said. “They can’t indict. At least they acknowledged that to us after some battling, they acknowledged that to us.”

“The precedent that federal prosecutors cannot indict a sitting president is laid out in a 1999 Justice Department memo,” he added.

Giuliani said Mueller has no choice but to follow the memo’s instruction, signaling Mueller’s probe might be over very soon.

“This case is essentially over,” Giuliani said. “They’re just in denial.”

Here’s Fox News anchor Bret Baier and White House Correspondent John Roberts discussing the report: 



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After a year of investigating, Mueller hasn’t found or produced a shred of evidence against Trump or about any alleged Russian collusion.

Trump has been cooperating with the special counsel’s office for more than a year, and it appears they are finally admitting that there’s no wrongdoing or any power to indict Trump on any charges.

The media has spent the last two years pushing endless conspiracy theories about Trump, and they have been proven wrong.

The witch hunt appears to be nearing an end, and the media and “experts” owe Trump an apology for slandering him since he won the election.

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